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1W8 Mela 1.1

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Sound for the visual is the best title that describes better mela 1.1

I should cut off the beats and start using my background samples.


1W8 Understanding the process (part2)

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2. Sound

Its recording gives me information about a)the subject b)the ambience.

a)Question: Concerning the subject which is the most important factor i obtain from its sound? Answer: It’s voice. Our voice is a unique characteristic that differs for every one of us.

b)Specifically, the ambience sound affects psychologically and emotionally the subject and my self.

1W8 Understanding the process (part1)

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1. Interview

This will include: representation of the subject/person, face expressions, the more strong physical characteristics of the subject (body parts, facial elements). The subject has to be posed in a specific way that probably i have to choose, a way that explains better my interests. That will be the technical part. To depict through this video interview human emotions and feelings, i should use a specific questionnaire which i should apply to every interview i shoot. The reason that makes this interview a necessity is that i need to obtain all these physical and emotional information about the subject.

2. Video and sound

Why am i using the video as the basic mean of the portrait creation? Because i think video-capturing depicts in a very good and informative level a) the subject b) the place and c) the time which is a very important factor.

As far as the video techniques and tools are concerned : zoom in effect maximizes in real time facial characteristics that we can’t observe with a first view of the face. Color correction can be used to represent emotions or to give a different ambient aesthetic. Several digital effects can be used to manipulate the face or the body in many ways (inspired for example by F. Bacon portraits or several painting movements: cubism, futurism, surrealism etc.).

Thinking the above, questions are logically coming in my mind :

“Do i have to base my portrait on the face?”

“Can i describe a person only from its body language?”

“How much informative has to be a portrait for the viewer?”

“How the ambience inspires and influences a) me (composition,color) and b) the subject (emotional)?”

1W8 A thought on methodology

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It seems to me that the process i m going to use for building up the portrait has four parts:

1. Interview of the subject (person) by video shooting it. (That includes video and audio)

2. Digital manipulation of the video and sound.

3. Add extra media (pictures, text, sound, music…)

4. Digital manipulation of the final hybrid project.

1W7 What is a portrait?

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Almost 3 weeks ago i questioned some of friends:

Clara wrote:

capturing an energy
it can’t be only about realism of the lineaments
it can’t only be about capturing the real, hidden self of the model because that real, hidden self has already gone through at least two prisms – the model and the painter/photographer
it can’t only be about sensing a moment of abandonment
doesn’t matter if it is posed, stolen, organised in a specific direction. be it an official painting, paparazzo style pictures, or a fashion photo shoot, it has to convey a navigating blood underneath.

Moshe wrote:

a portrait always involves two sets of eyes.a portrait is an invention.a portrait is a lie that is so infused with energy that it becomes its own snake.a portrait is a difficult truth.a portrait is a mirror that is bent, broken, shattered, and gathered again.a portrait can be a dead fact or a moving fiction.

Cat Eva wrote:

A picture.An indepth study of the visual image of a human.Capturing an expression, it can be an insight into an unknown soul.The human desire to understand and interpret their physical world.A moment in someones life.

George wrote:

Portrait is the mirror of our soul…Is an image that shows and gives information for us,that they all are based in a mystery. At this point we have a contradiction. What we see is real or realistic?We see everything or we don’t see nothing at all?Everything is presented on the photographed face.The only thing you need to do is to enter, watch and read with a strange way that every human face is a map. Which gives us important information about our experiences and our personality.

Dan wrote:

A representation of someone, typically (only?) in 2 dimensions.
A “bust” is a portrait in 3-D. I don’t know what a sound portrait is called.
I’d also say that traditionally a portrait is something “sat” for – where the subject poses, or otherwise sits, before the artist. Meaning that a portrait at least attempts to capture and represent the subject at a particular moment in time (as opposed to a work from memory). So I guess there’s a time element inherent in portraits as well.
Video portraits, like sound portraits….. I don’t know what they’re called, but to make terminology and semantics a non-issue, i’d probably work off the definition of a portrait as a 2-D work that represents a person (or animal, I guess) over the course of a sitting (with a sitting being the time the subject sits before the artist).

1W6 Hybrid Data v1.1 cut

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this is a part of a bigger sound project i ve been working on, the last week. music synthesis plays a predominant role in my life and my work. this is the reason i m adding this track here. it has to do with who nalm(me) really is and how he creates his work.

1W6 Things to Check…

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VJ Book: Vj Live Cinema Unraveled
Godard’s 1980’s video work
Pablo Ferro – Graphic Designer,
Film Director – Czech Karel Zeman (Combining different media within one shot)
Pacific Data Images,