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2W22 HGA images

Posted in Abstraction Project, Still Images on January 31, 2008 by nalm

Here are some still images of the ‘Human Generated Abstraction’ a visual representation of an imaginary intense sound.






2W22 Exhibition ‘Abstraction’

Posted in Abstraction Project, MADA Assessment 02 on January 31, 2008 by nalm

yesterday was the abstraction show private view. here are some pictures



2W21 Human Generated Abstraction

Posted in Abstraction Project, MADA Assessment 02 on January 25, 2008 by nalm

this is the final edit of my project for the ‘abstraction show’. as i was rendering the final piece i have realized how much different was this time the whole process i have followed and i had time to reflect on how i was developing, treating my videos before.

i present some thoughts and technical explanations:

1)with my early projects like prison mary, self portrait, VLM1, i was capturing reality in order to show an emotional state. for maximizing the volume of that emotion in time later i was digitally manipulating the image. I tried to show feelings of discomfort and agony, much like in Bacon’s portrait work by distorting the image, isolating the subject, recolorizing the whole footage for creating a specific visual mood.

in my work i ‘paint’ and ‘draw’ through digital mediums portraying one’s likeness as well as convey their emotion caught at that particular time.

2)most of the video portraits i ve done are from people i know for a long time because as Francis Bacon once stated it gives me “the possibility of a deeper penetration of an individual’s singular mode of being”

3)the process this time for the abstraction piece is different. the canvas is empty. there is no realistic footage. in this case, the visual representation of an emotion (which at this case is an intense sound) comes from the graphic i create in real time. is like painting again with different material. this time though i portray a sound. sounds are creating emotions…

i call it human generated abstraction because is not made by lack, everything is created, organized and developed by a human. the computer or the software is just the material.

2W21 Possible final version of HGA

Posted in Abstraction Project on January 24, 2008 by nalm

the idea of this version is to investigate how the visual can look in space, projected by 5 different sources

2W21 Abstraction and Motion

Posted in Abstraction Project, MADA Assessment 02 on January 23, 2008 by nalm

i m happy with what i have so far of my footage. i used motion to research space, prospective and compositing techniques. this is something i was doing when i was painting. composition studies always help to better understand my subject. also by researching the relationship of light and forms most of the times i get more ideas for the development of the project.

As a ruler for my composition studies i have used the sound itself ( the one i m trying to visually represent) . i tried to dedicate each short clip i have in a specific sound sample. all these sound samples consist the bigger one. its like i m composing sound with a soft-studio application by using its timeline and adding every time short loops in order to compose the final piece. only that this time the timeline is apple motion and the sound loops ,i usually play with when i compose ,are replaced by the video studies i did last week with cosmic painter and final cut.

big surfaces and visuals consist fat sounds like bass or the drum kick from the beat. thinner more intense fast graphics are used to express short high frequency sounds.

2W20 Abstraction re-edits

Posted in Abstraction Project on January 20, 2008 by nalm

i m further manipulating digitally the footage with final cut pro, some cutting and color grading also had to be done. everything i do to them is driven by the sound i have in my head. this is how it looks now.

2W20 From reality to abstraction

Posted in Abstraction Project on January 20, 2008 by nalm

i will take part in the ‘abstraction exhibition’ which will take place at wilson’s road in our college. the theme obviously is about abstraction. this time i feel like i want to create work completely different from what i already do. till now i ve been working with footage that i capture from real subjects. i wonder how will be to create something from zero-nothing from the early start. last week i was trying to compose a rhythm a sound i had going around my mind. the result wasn’t so good. maybe i can use this sound as a base!